OAG Administration
Who We Are


To be a leader in the delivery of an accessible and equitable system of justice and the creation of a safe environment for all



To provide a system of justice that contributes to the enhancement of our society through the rule of law and a modernised justice framework.



  • To provide expert legal service to the Crown in criminal matters. 
  • To reflect the status of Barbados as a modern and progressive democracy through drafting and updating the Laws of Barbados and the reform of legislation;
  • To provide expert legal advice on all legal issues, with the exception of criminal matters, to Government;
  • To represent the Crown and Public Officers in litigation domestically, arbitration and mediation matters, regionally at the Caribbean Court of Justice and internationally at the Inter American Court on Human Rights and other Tribunals established by Treaty;
  • To provide quality scientific evidence and expert testimony to the courts of law, law enforcement and official agencies;
  • To prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism through timely and efficient collection and analysis of financial intelligence and the facilitation of all legitimate and appropriate money laundering and anti-terrorism funding efforts;
  • To enhance crime management capabilities for the maintenance of a safe and secure environment;
  • To improve efficiency and productivity in addressing public complaints against law enforcement officials;
  • To achieve a sustainable system of free legal service to persons of insufficient means and to be a client sensitive institution;
  • To build capacity and institutional strengthening necessary to achieve optimum performance and results from all sectors of the Office of the Attorney General.


Office of the Attorney General of Barbados

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